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Jazzmasters in Country…

Posted in Music, Stuff with tags , , , , , on October 16, 2012 by bigsmokey

Jazzmasters in country! It suprises me that there are not more Jazzmaster players in classic country. To me it seems a natural. Spanky bridge pickup tones, stratty middle, fat bell-like neck pickup… And the dark jazzy rhythm circuit….

There are a few though. Willie Nelson played one for a while in the sixties. Luther Perkins switched over from a telecaster in the early sixties. Country/Jazz badass Roy Lanham played one throughout his career. Wayne Moss cut a ton of records in Nashville on a Jazzmaster, most notably the uber-twangy signature lick on Waylon Jennings’s “Only Daddy that Will Walk the Line”.

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Here is an early video of my boss, the great Bobby Bare doing his huge hit “500 Miles”, featuring a Jazzmaster played by the lead guitarist. (I am carrying on this tradition as I am using my new Jazzmaster for my main guitar on tour with Bobby Bare!)

Here is a video of Roy Lanham ripping some country/jazz on a Jazzmaster.