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Buckaroo #1 & #2

Posted in Skateboards on September 5, 2010 by bigsmokey

Just finished a new longboard. The Buckaroo #2. Its already sold, kind of. I am giving the customer a choice of buying the Buckaroo #2 or The Buckeroo #1 at a deep discount. These are great garage bombers and all around hill carving boards. Contact me if you want me to make you one…

The photo above shows the slight design differences between the boards. They both are right around 40″ long and a bit under 10″ wide. #1 (left) has a shorter wheelbase, and a slight kick tail making it a bit more nimble and versatile. #2 has a longer wheelbase making it a bit more stable at higher speeds… Both are concave with a slight upturned nose for responsive front truck turning.


Posted in Music, Skateboards, Stuff on July 8, 2010 by bigsmokey

Good Stuff for July:
Two Dollar Tuesdays! Derek Hoke hosts Two Dollar Tuesdays at The 5Spot here in East Nashville. Two dollar cover, two dollar Yazoo Beer, Two Dollar Hot Dogs, great music from Derek and cool acts that he picks out. Tuesdays are awesome again!

Nashville’s newest awesomely unholy hybrid of Metal and Country makes its debut at Foobar on Saturday July 10th. Rock to the latest crossover craze MOTORHOME!

DB Harris & The Men of Action continue their residency at Robert’s Western World every Friday Afternoon from 2-6pm. Come on down for some excellent classic country covers as well as great originals guaranteed to make you dance or cry in your beer, or both!

Alright July, keep being AWESOME.

New Big Smokey Skateboard: “Retro Cruiser”

Posted in Skateboards on June 29, 2010 by bigsmokey

I just built a 70’s style cruiser Skateboard. Kind of a short longboard. Single kick, flat deck old school fun. Seven ply hard-rock maple deck with a 70’s style template reminiscent of the Logan Earth Ski. Set up with modern hardware and wheels so it performs on the street, on the slalom course, in the park, on a ramp, etc. This one is for sale at $150. The wheels are Rainskates Tsunami’s, the best all purpose road wheel that I have ever ridden, and its set up with Khiro wedges, Indy 139 trucks, Bones Red Bearings, and Khiro Hardware. All top of the line stuff. I think the board looks super cool with the blue and orange vintage surfboard style graphic. Drop me a line if you are interested.

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New Big Smokey Skateboard; “Guitar Logo Model”

Posted in Skateboards on June 14, 2010 by bigsmokey

I made this new vert/ramp/ditch/pool skate for sale maybe, or for myself. Its 33″x10″ with a 17″ wheelbase. Its set up with Indy 169 trucks, Rainskates Mid-Tsunamis 95a wheels, Bones Reds bearings, and Khiro hardware. Should be a great park/ramp/pool board, and with softer wheels it would make a cool garage/ditch bomber. If you are interested in it, please email me soon as I am very tempted to ride it and mess it all up!

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New Custom Longboard

Posted in Skateboards on June 8, 2010 by bigsmokey

I just finished this for a friend whose son is a big King Crimson fan and a longboarder. This one is a classic 42 inch cruiser with Independent 169 Trucks and Bennett Alligator wheels. I wish I could take it out for a spin but I want to leave it pristine as possible…

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The Buckaroo

Posted in Skateboards on April 24, 2010 by bigsmokey

This one is the best longboard that I have built so far… The Buckaroo (I love Buck Owens). Garage-bombing, carving, distance pushing.

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