Jazzmasters in Country…

Jazzmasters in country! It suprises me that there are not more Jazzmaster players in classic country. To me it seems a natural. Spanky bridge pickup tones, stratty middle, fat bell-like neck pickup… And the dark jazzy rhythm circuit…. There are a few though. Willie Nelson played one for a while in the sixties. Luther PerkinsContinue reading “Jazzmasters in Country…”

The Jake Bradley Jazzmaster So Far….

I have owned many great guitars in my life, but I have never owned a Fender Jazzmaster… Being a fan of Pops Staples, The Ventures, Luther Perkins, J Mascis, Willie Nelson (!) and Nils Cline I have always been drawn to their modernistic look and versatility…. I sold a couple guitars this year and IContinue reading “The Jake Bradley Jazzmaster So Far….”

It’s True! Sho Bud Made Banjos…

I was missing my trusty old Fender Banjo which I sold last year to get into my dream Pedal Steel Guitar, a Sho Bud LDG “Loyd Green Model”.   Coincidentally, I have been interested in building a Sho Bud instruments collection.  Though they are best known for pedal steels, they also made resophonics (Sho Bro), acousticContinue reading “It’s True! Sho Bud Made Banjos…”

Knut Bell – En tidløs stemme.

As far as I am concerned there is one great voice of traditional country music in the Pacific Northwest.  That voice belongs to Knut Bell.   I first met Knut in 2003 and was struck by how much we had in common:  Both of us are very proud of our Northwest Scandinavian heritage. Both us  grewContinue reading “Knut Bell – En tidløs stemme.”

New Derek Hoke Video & Live on WSM 650 AM

Cool stuff from the Derek Hoke camp this week.  First is the release of his new video for “The Finer Things”.   Directed by the very talented James Weems. Also, we are going to appear on The Americana Carnival live show on WSM 650AM (home of The Grand Old Opry) this Sunday Evening January 16th atContinue reading “New Derek Hoke Video & Live on WSM 650 AM”

Two Dollar Christmas ! ! !

I love Christmas parties!  There I said it.  Especially if they are full of good music.  On Tuesday December 21st we are having the Christmas edition of Derek Hoke’s Two Dollar Tuesdays at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Derek’s group, The Christmas Carol Channings will be backing most of the guests and playing ChristmasContinue reading “Two Dollar Christmas ! ! !”