Two Dollar Christmas ! ! !

I love Christmas parties!  There I said it.  Especially if they are full of good music.  On Tuesday December 21st we are having the Christmas edition of Derek Hoke’s Two Dollar Tuesdays at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Derek’s group, The Christmas Carol Channings will be backing most of the guests and playing ChristmasContinue reading “Two Dollar Christmas ! ! !”

September Schedule

Ohhh lotsa music! Sept 2nd Thursday 9pm: 5spot with Derek Hoke. Sept 3rd Friday 2-6pm: Robert’s Western World with DB Harris. Sept 5th Sunday 9pm: Basement with Derek Hoke. Sept 6th Monday 9pm: Mercy Lounge with Derek Hoke. Sept 8th Wednesday 9pm: Family Wash with Derek Hoke. Sept 9th Thursday 11pm: Basement with Jon LangfordContinue reading “September Schedule”

August Giggage:

Thursday August 5th: Roberts Western World, Nashville TN. 2-6pm with DB Harris Friday August 6th: Roberts Western World, Nashville TN. 2-6pm with DB Harris Sunday August 8th: Red Barn Round-Up, Nashville, TN. 5pm with Derek Hoke Tuesday August 10th: 5 Spot, Nashville, TN. 9pm with Derek Hoke Friday August 13th: Roberts Western World, Nashville TN.Continue reading “August Giggage:”


Good Stuff for July: Two Dollar Tuesdays! Derek Hoke hosts Two Dollar Tuesdays at The 5Spot here in East Nashville. Two dollar cover, two dollar Yazoo Beer, Two Dollar Hot Dogs, great music from Derek and cool acts that he picks out. Tuesdays are awesome again! Motorhome! Nashville’s newest awesomely unholy hybrid of Metal andContinue reading “JULY GOODNESS:”

New Big Smokey Skateboard: “Retro Cruiser”

I just built a 70’s style cruiser Skateboard. Kind of a short longboard. Single kick, flat deck old school fun. Seven ply hard-rock maple deck with a 70’s style template reminiscent of the Logan Earth Ski. Set up with modern hardware and wheels so it performs on the street, on the slalom course, in theContinue reading “New Big Smokey Skateboard: “Retro Cruiser””

New Big Smokey Skateboard; “Guitar Logo Model”

I made this new vert/ramp/ditch/pool skate for sale maybe, or for myself. Its 33″x10″ with a 17″ wheelbase. Its set up with Indy 169 trucks, Rainskates Mid-Tsunamis 95a wheels, Bones Reds bearings, and Khiro hardware. Should be a great park/ramp/pool board, and with softer wheels it would make a cool garage/ditch bomber. If you areContinue reading “New Big Smokey Skateboard; “Guitar Logo Model””