It’s True! Sho Bud Made Banjos…

I was missing my trusty old Fender Banjo which I sold last year to get into my dream Pedal Steel Guitar, a Sho Bud LDG “Loyd Green Model”.   Coincidentally, I have been interested in building a Sho Bud instruments collection.  Though they are best known for pedal steels, they also made resophonics (Sho Bro), acoustic guitars and banjos.  When I decided to start searching for a Sho Bud banjo I thought that I would be in for a  long haul….  BUT one popped up on Craigslist literally a few days after I started looking.  So I got it!   I took it to banjo guru, Charlie Cushman, for a set up and a new Steve Smith bridge.  It now plays and sounds like a dream…

Here are some pics courtesy of Kathryn Johnson.

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4 thoughts on “It’s True! Sho Bud Made Banjos…

  1. I have a Sho-Bud banjo that looks exactly like your pics. My dad bought it for me years ago and being a classical musician, unfortunately I have played it very little. I’m hoping to find the instrument a home; it’s a shame she just sits there. Do you have any suggestions on her value or know anyone interested?

  2. Regarding shobud, I own a fairly wicked hollow body electric shobud from the mid 1960’s(guessing) and don’t know much about it. 928-427-0188 Joe

  3. Hey Big Smokey just came across your website re Sho-Bud Banjos! I have a Sho-Bud Banjo I purchased here in Australia back in the early 1980s. I was shopping for an elcheapo banjo when the man behind the counter suggested I have a look at this one! When he opened up the case my eyes nearly fell out of my head! A Sho-Bud Banjo! I had spent the previous 7years trying to get my head around Pedal Steel,In fact my first Pedal Steel was a Sho-Bud Maverick! As soon as I laid my eyes on the Sho-Bud Banjo I knew i just had to have it! Although it plays second fiddle to the Steel. I give the banjo a run now and then but I’m no Earl Scruggs that’s forsure! Keep laughin,and keep the good music flowin! Regards Ray Cullen
    The Old Steeler

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