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Knut Bell – En tidløs stemme.

Posted in Music, Stuff on May 29, 2011 by bigsmokey

As far as I am concerned there is one great voice of traditional country music in the Pacific Northwest.  That voice belongs to Knut Bell.   I first met Knut in 2003 and was struck by how much we had in common:  Both of us are very proud of our Northwest Scandinavian heritage. Both us  grew up learning the folk songs of the region. Both of us have a high regard for real country music as played by Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash.  Both of us have a deep love for a Pacific Northwest that barely exists anymore; an area that belonged to the hard working people who shaped the region.  I have always considered Knut to be a kindred spirit.

Knut grew up in Skagit County, easily one of the most beautiful places in Western Washington.  It has shaped his songs and stories.  Knut has a thunderous deep voice and writes great songs that resonate with anyone who takes the time to listen.    He has just released a new record, “Wicked, Ornery, Mean, and Nasty.”  It is his best yet.  I never had the pleasure of playing lead guitar for him back in Seattle…   The timing was never right.

This year Knut and I got back in touch and arranged for him to come to Nashville, play a couple shows and conduct some business.  Knut brought his excellent drummer, Lewis Warren, who has drummed with me on many projects back in Seattle and is  a great friend.  Knut and Lew stayed for a week back in early April and the trip was successful to the point that he is coming back for a another show and a couple of sessions and business meetings this week.   So!  If you missed Knut last time through, you can see him at Derek Hoke‘s Two Dollar Tuesday at The 5 Spot, May 31st.

Knut Bell is completely worthy of any hype praised on him.   I cannot express to y’all what a pleasure it is to play with him and his huge voice.   I hope that y’all will come out to the 5 Spot this Tuesday Night.  Here is a some footage of his last visit:

(Thanks to Kathryn M. Johnson for the fine photos and video!)


Posted in Music, Stuff on May 9, 2011 by bigsmokey

I love me some Derek Hoke!  In fact one would have to be a real jerk not to love his jaunty blend of old school countrypolitan and indie pop goodness.  Call it Americana if you wish.  I call it super awesome!

In Nashville this week you have three chances to witness the musical majesty of Derek Hoke and his group (Steve Latanation- Drums, Ed Adkins – Bass, Big Smokey -Guitar (yours truly)).

Tuesday Night May 10th –  5-Spot -East Nashville.

Wednesday Night May 11th -Foobar -East Nashville.

Friday Night May 13th -Foobar -East Nashville.

Your ears will thank you!!