New Derek Hoke Video & Live on WSM 650 AM

Cool stuff from the Derek Hoke camp this week.  First is the release of his new video for “The Finer Things”.   Directed by the very talented James Weems.

Also, we are going to appear on The Americana Carnival live show on WSM 650AM (home of The Grand Old Opry) this Sunday Evening January 16th at 6pm-8pm.  Please tune in, or if you are in Nashville come on downtown as it is taped live from Roberts Western World (my favorite Honky Tonk!).  And as an added bonus we will be playing Derek’s originals and many classic country covers from 8-10pm.  Its no charge to get in the door but please be nice when we pass the tip bucket around!




3 thoughts on “New Derek Hoke Video & Live on WSM 650 AM

  1. Hi, I’m trying to find a schedule for the Red Barn Roundup events for 2012. Is Knut Bell scheduled yet? I am a huge fan, and want to come to Nashville to see him if he’s appearing. Thank you for checking for me, I appreciate it very much.

    1. Hello- the next Red Barn Round Up season starts in June 2012. We definitely are talking to Knut about coming down. Most likely in the Fall of 2012… Stay in touch!

      1. Thank you for your response, actually I talked with Knut and he told me that they will probably be there in October. My friend and I want to catch the show if we can. I enjoy him so much. Thanks again for letting me know. Judy

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