New Big Smokey Skateboard: “Retro Cruiser”

I just built a 70’s style cruiser Skateboard. Kind of a short longboard. Single kick, flat deck old school fun. Seven ply hard-rock maple deck with a 70’s style template reminiscent of the Logan Earth Ski. Set up with modern hardware and wheels so it performs on the street, on the slalom course, in the park, on a ramp, etc. This one is for sale at $150. The wheels are Rainskates Tsunami’s, the best all purpose road wheel that I have ever ridden, and its set up with Khiro wedges, Indy 139 trucks, Bones Red Bearings, and Khiro Hardware. All top of the line stuff. I think the board looks super cool with the blue and orange vintage surfboard style graphic. Drop me a line if you are interested.

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